CENTURY 21 Sexton & Donohue, Inc.


Nearly ten years ago, I enrolled in Real Estate Finance & Investment Fundamentals at Harvard. From the onset, the interdisciplinary nature of the material made a misnomer of the course title. Learning the tools for financial analysis was challenging, exciting and essential, yet they merely underlay the vast interaction of factors through which real estate actors must navigate. The positive experience played a major role in my decision to enter the profession.

I use everything from my professional, academic, experiential and interpersonal toolboxes to achieve what is necessary for my client. The reason is simple: As every transaction is unique, one must be ready for anything! One must be ready to give and take, evaluate and reevaluate, make adjustments and always be ready to give it a shot.

In the process, I strive to make buyers and sellers understand the keys that optimize a successful transaction and bring it to closing via a constant eye on both the qualitative and quantitative as well as the tangible and intangible factors at play. The same is only possible, moreover, through the development of a personable business relationship based exclusively on trust.